Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting back on pace...hopefully

Yesterday I ran my first marathon. I am proud of my accomplishment and plan to blog about it more in the near future. Today my legs are sore. My fingers are not sore, so I am turning my focus to another goal: 100 blog posts this year.

While I trained and ran the marathon I spent a lot of time looking at splits and calculated my pace. For example, if I ran a 8:30 mile I would often think about how long a marathon would take at that pace. Through the running and pace analysis I was able to put together a reasonable plan to complete the race. Regarding the goal of completing 100 blog posts this year I did not make a plan and it shows.

So far this year I have completed 16 posts. My last post was July 25th. I have completed 3 posts since June 1st. This is the equivalent of crawling the first 2 miles of a marathon and expecting to finish at a reasonable time. To complete the goal of 100 posts in a year I should have posted 8 or 9 times per month. I am way, way off pace.

I have 89 days to complete 84 posts. In an unrelated story, there are only 82 more shopping days until Christmas!?!?! After crawling the first two miles of th 100 blog posts marathon I now need to stand up and sprint the last 24.2 miles. This is basically impossible, but as a poster in most elementary and middle schools across the country reads, "If you shoot for the moon and miss, you can still land among the stars!"

Before I click "publish post" tonight and get the ball rolling on posting spree from here until 12/31/11 (My family won't mind if I am posting during Thanksgiving dinner will they?), I want to apologize for a couple things. First, sorry about my over two month blog break. Thanks for sticking with me.

Second, sorry for posting probably my 3rd or 4th post about apologizing for taking long blogging breaks. Who wants to read a blog about a guy apologizing for not blogging all the time?!?!?

Finally, sorry in advance if you get sick of hearing from me over the next three months. My advice if you get sick of me would be to go get some Christmas shopping done or go for a run!

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  1. If you need me to blog like .2 miles or .2 blogs or something, just let me know