Sunday, July 22, 2012


We are extremely excited about the 2012 London Summer Olympics at the Johnson house.  Last month both Lucy and Paige were captivated by the Olympic trials (specifically the gymnastics) and we have been counting down to July 27th ever since. 

At the cost of my PBS Frontlines and multiple iCarly episodes, appropriate space has been made to DVR the Olympics.  This week's Sports Illustrated Olympic preview arrived in the mail.  It has become daily reading in our house ever since.
Knowing we will be keeping an eye on the TV more than normal I have started to research some crafts that we can work on while watching the games.  More research is needed.  So far I have come up with taking a cup, wrapping it with tin foal, and stuffing it with yellow and orange paper to make a torch.  The other project is painting paper plates the various colors of the Olympic rings and cutting them into circles.

I found this article, 6 Olympic Sports Your Kids Can Try.  The article discusses archery, water polo, fencing, and water polo.  It might be a couple years before our girls give any of those sports a try, but they have put in a couple years of preparation for a relatively new Olympic sport, the trampoline.  

While many people love the Olympics, there may be some genetics ties to the girls interest in the Olympics.  Lib and I both grow up enjoying the games.  A couple memories include my crush on Shannon Miller from the 1992 and 1996 games.  Amazing that those games were 16 and 20 years ago!  I also remember watching some of the games 8 years ago while we were on our honeymoon.
We hope you enjoy the games as much as we do.  Here is a link to the schedule of events.  Go team USA and with a Mary Lou Retton in our house we will be sure not to miss a minute!

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