Saturday, February 13, 2010

Crafting a plan for the weather

As the whole country has experience over the last couple weeks, the winter weather is upon us. In the Midwest multiple feet of snow and cold temperatures are unfortunately very, very normal. While there are numerous outdoor activities we all enjoy and help us to embrace our weather, sometime you have to just hunker down inside.

When I used the word “sometime” in the last sentence I was more specifically referring to the multiple feet of snow we received over the course of the last week. With this type of weather outside and the Sound of Music movie finishing up for the 60th time we turned the TV off and tried to get creative.

Below are some pictures of the plan we “crafted” to pass the time between shoveling opportunities!?!?!

Thank goodness for Valentine's Day. Also, thank goodness for Grandma and Nana for sending various craft supplies over the last couple weeks.

Some playdough was made. All the food coloring that we used is almost cleaned off of the counter and our hands. Also, my arm is almost recovered from all the stirring you have to do as the playdough cooks. Those of you who have made playdough at home know what I am talking about!?!?!

No painting session is completed without getting our hands in the mix. The brushes that come with the paints are just for warming up.

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  1. Really fun! I can tell Lucy is having a blast. Thanks for coming over yesterday - we loved having you guys! Heart shaped pizza should be a tradition! :)