Monday, February 15, 2010


I have two quick work related stories that I wanted to share.

First is about Lucy being a working women. It all started when Libby attended a happy hour with some former co-workers. As Libby was leaving, Lucy asked where Mommy was going and we told her to a work meeting. The next morning Lucy saw Lib’s black boots and announced that she needed to go to work. It must have been wear your pajamas to work day.

The second story was a quick jog down memory lane for me as Lucy and I drove to swimming lessons last week. As we were driving on the highway, in our minivan (my new company car!?!?!) in my swimsuit, sweatpants and sweatshirt, I was passed by a car that reminded me of my previous work life. Seeing a guy with the blue tooth in, a shirt and tie on, and the GPS running took me back to my days as a traveling sales rep.

In all honesty I looked at the car and thought about how fun it was to be driving around, socializing with customers, talking on the phone with co-workers, earning a paycheck, and buying five piece chicken select meals and McDonald’s throughout the state of Minnesota.

I was snapped out of my day dream by Lucy in the back seat saying, “Look Dad, Look!” She was showing me a new trick she had figured out. A reenactment is pictured below.

After sharing an exciting, celebratory cheer with Lucy about her new trick. I had to have a quick laugh at myself. Although there are multiple things I do miss about my old job, it would be incorrect to just ignore the negatives of my old corporate world job. Stressful quota numbers to hit, managers focused on saving their own bacon versus looking out for their direct reports, and the all too frequent new top, top priory every couple of months, etc.

In the end I was caught in a “grass is always greener moment”.

While being a stay at home parent has its long days and trying moments, what job doesn’t. I ultimately feel very fortunate to be able to stay at home, and feel lucky to be there for the “I just figured out a new figure trick moments”. I know there will continue to be occasions where I miss my old job, but I would rather miss my old job then have my kids miss me. Plus I know my belly stands to benefit from the less frequent MacD stops!

Before I sign off I had to post one more picture of Lucy trying to be a working girl like Mom. This was taken over the Christmas holiday when Lib needed to fire up the laptop to check one quick think. Lucy insisted on doing the same thing.


  1. I like how in the last picture, Libby is on the floor and Luc in the big chair! :) I didn't know you hit up the chicken at McDonalds so much - funny. The finger crossing trick Lucy is doing made me giggle - she is always coming up with something new! Good luck with Phil today. Looking forward to our lunch sometime next week. XOXO -- Auntie Em

  2. Very sweet post, Bro. Lucy is one lucky lady. I received her Valentine today and loved it! What does, "good luck with Phil today" mean? Maybe I'll have to follow up with Em about that.

    Love from Chi,
    Aunt Beth

  3. staying at home with your kids is 10000000 times harder, more challenging and more rewarding than any other job. kudos to you all!