Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Speak now or…

…Hold that thought for about 18 year.

Yesterday, while Lucy was sitting on the potty we were all in our places. I was sitting on a folding chair right next to Lucy reading her a book. Paige was sitting on my lap, drooling and minding her own business. Lucy leaned forward and started saying, “Hi, Hi, Hi Paige.” After repeating this a couple times, Paige cracked a huge, full faced smile and then erupted with laughter. It started with some giggles, but quickly turned into a yelping-because-I-can’t-catch-my-breath-fast-enough-to-stay-ahead-of-these-giggles type of laughing.

Libby, who was in the other room working, and I couldn’t contain our laughter either. To summarize the experience it was the first vocal exchange between these two sisters. That exchange brings me to today’s title: “Speak now, or hold that thought for the next 18ish years because very soon getting a word in will be a whole new challenge.”

Lucy has definitely defined herself as an outgoing talkative little girl. If you don’t believe me, ask our shy 4 year old neighbor, who prefers to hid when she is playing with others. Lucy of course won’t stand for that and often pursues this shy neighbor around the yard, asking everyone what is “shy neighbor girl” doing!?!?!

Paige on the other hand, at the ripe old age of 14 weeks, has yet to define her communicate style. Of course there is a lot of time for this, but if I were a beting man I would say some will be able to hold her own in the world of communicate. With an outgoing older sibling, which is what Paige has, it may be easy to let the sibling do the talking. If yesterday’s bathroom exchange is any evidence, Paige will have no problem sending some communication right back to her older sister.

A few other brief comments: I had no intention of my last post about Lib going back to work full time serving as a four week signing off. Life with mom at work has been an adjustment for all of us, but I feel that we are through a lot of the adjustment. Lucy has become a great helper. She like to help change diapers and takes pride in her ability to calm Paige down. She also is doing a great job of being in tune with Paige’s schedule. For example, when Paige needs to sleep around 9:30 or 10, Lucy knows that she gets to watch some TV and have a snack.

As mentioned above, there is a lot of group bathroom usage around our house currently. Paige of course, carriers her bathroom strapped to her waist, so going in front of others is not a problem. Lucy loves to use her bathroom breaks as an opportunity to have a book read to her. Lucy, also loves to keep track of how mom and dad’s bathroom breaks are going, by frequently checking in and shouting, “What you doing!?!?!”

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