Sunday, July 11, 2010

Say What!!?!

Paige got baptized on June 27th. My brother Mark, sister Beth, and soon to be sister-in-law Mollie were sponsors. We had a great low key celebration with our immediate families.

Above is my brief summary of Paige’s baptism. In the words of Lucy it was Paige’s Bapti-tized weekend. Say what!?!?!

We think instead of trying to figure out when to say baptized and baptism she just combined the words and goes with it everything. The use of the word bapti-tized motivated me to list a few of Lucy’s other “close but not quite” favorites.

Tank Tank Top: Her favorite summer shirt. My sense is her confusion comes from tank top having multiple T’s.

Flop Flop: Her favorite summer footwear that also has multiples of the same letters, this time F’s.

Furk-Furk: This is actually the words she uses to describe window cleaner. To the ear it sounds like more of a c then r, but I want to keep this blog family friendly. I believe she is trying to say squirt-squirt to describe the sound. It is either that or she really hates cleaning the windows and feels the need to swear about it.

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