Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog commitment

On the right side of my blog below “My Blog List” were all my favorite blogs are listed, there is a section titled “Blog Archive”. As titled this section archives my past posts by month. The evidence is clear that recently my blog posts have been few and far between. This will be my fourth post since May, and I only posted three times that month. No deadlines and no topic or structural requirements is one of the things I like about blogging. With that said, if I want people to read my blog, which I do, I need to post more consistently. My commitment/goal/hope is to post at least weekly (which I will define as every 5-10 days) as long as possible. I am confident that my commitment is lenient enough to not be considered a deadline.

Thanks for those of you who continued to check the blog throughout my three month slow posting spell!

Also, thank you to Lucy for indirectly and very abstractly bringing me to the realization that if you want people to read your blog you need to post more than once a month. The light bulb was actually turned on through Lucy’s love of checking the mail. This love has been recognized by both of Lucy’s grandmothers. Through their sending of coloring books, cards, stickers, toys, animal figurines, and more her love for checking the mail and excitement with the mailman goes by has only increased.

During a recent run to the mailbox (and this is the part where I connect it to my blog), I was wondering how often people would check there mail if it only was delivered once a month. Particularly, if no one knows when in the month the mail would show up. Not that my blog delivery anything nearly as important as what we receive from the United States Postal Service. As a matter of fact Take from the HomeFront and the USPS have little in common. USPS employees 596,000 people verus this blogs one employee. Also my blog makes zero dollars and the USPS has revenues of 68.09 billion!?!?! Last one I promise: The USPS has 218,000 vehicles while the Johnson family has 2 (one of which is a van, which for the second post in a row I promise to blog more about soon).

While I can not committ to delivering the good like the good people at the USPS do, I think the point of some consistent delivery is valid.

Below are a couple shots of Lucy checking the mail. As you can see she decided to check the mail in her swimming suit. Also, we were luck to have a good mail day when these pics were taken.

As committed, I look forward to posting again soon.

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  1. I've totally noticed that once a family has their second kid the blogging becomes basically nonexistent (this has happened to me!). Good for you for giving yourself a blogging goal. I've tried to do the same but it's been a big FAIL. Good luck!