Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Down to Business

Since leaving the corporate world I have occasionally enjoyed applying some business terminology/lingo to my stay at home gig. I am not sure if I do this as a break from my current terminology of Berenstain Bears, GoGurts, and under-ducks or just to try to be funny (the ladder is most likely). Below are some of the terms and their descriptions.

Work Load: While we were expecting Paige I use to joke that I was about to get dumped on at work. My workload as a stay-at-home dad was going to double while pay was staying the same. They didn't even offer me a title change.

Middle Management: My solution to the increased work load was to give Lucy a promotion. As soon as Libby went back to work I asked Lucy if she was interested in a middle management position. Lucy could watch Paige and just check in with me every once in a while. To date, although Lucy has shown a lot of interest in Paige, she just isn’t quite ready for the position. I think being 2 has something to do with it.

Micro-manager: If/when Lucy moves into her middle management position, I anticipate her being a bit of a micro-manager. The proof is below. I had set Paige in her crib so I could quickly pick up the girls’ room. Lucy quickly scaled the side of the crib, laid next to Paige to get a look at the mobile, and eventually deemed that the mobile needed some adjustments.

peacefully watching the mobile

management stopped by to take a look

adjustments are underway

Now that is really putting your nose in other peoples business

The art of negotiation: Lucy is always looking for a bargain. I am sure this is a common characteristic of kids Lucy’s age. I also believe that this is a bit of a learned skill. I can think of numerous examples where we say if you do this, we will give you this. She has really taken to the concept and seems to always be internally thinking, “What is in this for me?” If we offer her a piece of licorice (a treat that should produce excitement and appreciation, right?) the first words out of her mouth are always “How about two!?!"

Yesterday I simply wanted to take a picture of Lucy swinging. Her immediate response was no, and the negotiations began. After some back and forth she proposed that I could take a picture of the bottom of her feet while swinging. Below are the fruits of our bargain...a real keeper.

Efficiency: As Paige gets older Lucy and I have been able to include her on more things. As Paige’s development continues (sitting up, crawling, and eventually walking) we will be able include her in more activities. To date (and pictured below) we have increased operational efficiency by having Paige and Lucy swing and bath together.


  1. I read this two nights in a row and laughed out loud both times!


  2. So cute, Paul. You're so creative : ).

    Love ya! Beth