Tuesday, September 21, 2010

nocturnal frog

When you hear a crash like that in the bathroom one room over at 3am you really fly out of bed quickly. Come to find out when it happens a second time a few months later at the same time of day, your heart pumps with the same adrenaline as the first time. It wasn’t until the second incident that I decided to do something about it. What was this incident that had me flying out of bed at roughly 3am multiple times you ask…it was the nocturnal frog.

When we were expecting Lucy some friends gave us the below pictured frog to hang in the bathtub and collect the bath toys. When reading the instructions for installing the frog I misinterpreted a few of the steps. More specifically, the steps regarding suctioning a piece of the frog to the shower wall by cleaning and drying the area before applying suction cups. My interpretation of those steps was to just push really hard when applying suction cups.

The frog stayed up for a while and as a bath toy picker upper and holder it worked great. The basket had holes in it so you can just scoop up the bath toys and the water would run out and back into the tub.

The first time the frog fell off of the wall with an alarmingly loud crash I didn’t initially know what it was. Frankly, my first reaction was fear. I thought someone was in the house or that a deer has jumped through the window. (Oddly, what you first think of when you hear a loud crash in the middle of the night may be genetic. I say this because I distinctly recall my mom saying she thought a deer had jumped through our kitchen window the night our cat knocked the glass gerbil cage over. I have no further evidence of this beyond this one example.)

Although fear was my first reaction I charged out of the room shirtless and more consequently if it was a house invader…weaponless. I was able to take a deep breath after looking in the bottom of the bath tub to see Mermaid Dora, Swimming Elmo, and Back Float Baby staring back at me. I returned to bed, explained to Lib what the noise was, and of course vowed to fix the frog in the morning.

Due to Lucy’s love of the frog and its overall usefulness we gave it a pass on causing a house wide heart attack the night before. The “just push hard” application was used again and we were back in business. Inevitable the frog fell again. Of course it wasn’t during the middle of the day or when we weren’t home, but in the middle of the night. This leaving me no choice but to conclude that the frog is nocturnal.

In response to these two events we have moved to a more grounded system. This pink basket was purchased at Target and although it isn’t shaped like any animal is doing the job quite well. Most importantly is has slept through the night every night since we brought it more. A trick Paige has yet to figure out!?!?!

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  1. HAHAHA - we have the same exact frog, and have had the SAME exact thing happen to us in the middle of the night. for some reason that's always when it decided to fall down and the first time we FOR SURE thought we were getting robbed or something. we've taken ours down too. :)