Monday, September 13, 2010

Shopping Queen or wait…

This weekend Libby’s brother is getting married. We are all very excited for Dan and Mollie. Lucy has been asked to be the flower girl (a blog worthy event if I have ever heard of one). This past weekend we were completing some final preparations, which included a trip the mall. When we go shopping we all have our rolls: Lib has the shopping list, “front pack Paige” looks around and tries to grab anything close, Lucy occasional holds mom's hand and asks for stuffs, and dad just tries to keep up and stay out of the way.

Upon entering Old Navy Lucy quickly found the section of clothes that were her size or in her words “my section”. After Libby found a button down cover up in case Lucy gets cold in her dress she was off to the next section. Lucy wasn’t going any where. As Lucy continued to comb through the racks I began to have visions of an emerging shopping queen. I imagined a young lady with arms full of must have outfits, shopping carts full of shoes, and in store meltdowns with yelling and tears whenever she heard the word no.

As I snapped out of my daydream I noticed she wasn’t really picking anything out, just enjoying looking at the clothes. So wait, maybe not a shopping queen maybe someone with a future in fashion or design. She was heard using such quotes as, “that is cute” and “I like the pink one” or “that would be good” all while talking to the clothing.

Mom stopped by to let us know she was going to the fitting room. This brief visit made Lucy switch gears. She started to organize the clothes, and if any of you have ever been to the St. Louis Park Old Navy you know there is plenty of this needed. She started taking shirts that where on the wrong rack and moving them back with their matches. Shoes and sandals were returned to their right places, sweatshirts were folded (kind of), and shirts were put back on hangers.

With a mother who was has a math degree, a “papa” in accounting, and a soon to be aunt (5 days away at the time of posting) who is a CPA Lucy’s sorting and organizing made me say, “or wait” again. Genetics are powerful and she was looking like the next generation “bean counter”.

When we got home she wanted to turn her bedroom into a clothing store. When I arrived at the store (walked into her room) she started taking clothes out of her closet and drawers that she thought I would like. When she showed me an 18 month sleeper (not sure why we have this out with a 3 year old and 6 month old in the house) for my younger daughter I told her it might be too big. She said she will grow into it. When she showed me a summer dress for my older daughter I told her it might be too cold for this time of year. She replied that she could still wear it inside. As we went through this sales process I said or wait again and thought that a sales career could be in her future.

While we don’t know what Lucy will pursue when she gets older this experience has me convinced she has some options. This week our focus is on her being a 3 year old (bday is the 14th) and on Saturday a Flower Girl. Updates on both will be coming soon.


  1. I loved this post, Paul!! She really is amazing and SO darn funny. I am reminded of my little swimming suit experience with her. As I struggled to get mine on, she assured me by saying, "I think it's a kid's size...". Her ability to show empathy is also encouraging...maybe a career in counseling? :)
    Happy 3rd Birthday, LUCY!!!
    Love, Aunt Beth