Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beard Update

This post has nothing to do with my facial hair or "no shave November". This is about my three year old daughters various pursuits of facial hair.

Before I dive into Lucy's beards, I want to celebrate the Twins resigning our favorite mustached pitcher, Carl Pavano. In addition to winning 17 games and striking out 117 last year, Carl found time to grow a thick, dark mustache. I am excited to have him and his 'stache back for two more years.

Early last winter Lucy used a black marker to draw a beard on her face. I blogged about and posted a picture last December in a post titled The Circus was in Town.

This updated beard picture was taken during a bath last week. Typically both of the girls get bathed together, but for some reason Lucy has the opportunity to take bath by herself. We/She celebrated the occasion by filling the bath with bubbles and doing what kids have done for generations...gave herself a beard.

Lucy's white beard seems to be showing her age!?!?! All white beard jokes aside, it is amazing how much can change in a year. Lucy's development continues to keep us on our toes and occasionally turn some of our real hair grey, but more frequently then that she amazes us and makes us laugh.

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