Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The circus was in town

Step right, step right up to view some visual proof that the Johnson house, at least for a day, had the circus in town. The visual proof that I am speaking of is below. It was captured during a rare moment when the bearded lady allowed a photo to be taken.

During October I grew out my beard in preparation for deer hunting. One morning, when my growth was starting to become noticeable, after breakfast Lucy and I were doing some water color painting. We were doing the traditional circles and other various scribbles. I was trying to keep up with the requests for a painting of mom, Dora, Boots, a tree, a house…you know the usual. While I was focusing on my to do list, Lucy was changing her focus from the color of pink, which she likes to paint with 95% of the time, to black.

After I helped her with the order of brush into water first then color, versus her preferred method of the other way around (which typically leaves her going to the paper with only water on her brush), instead of moving the brush toward paper she went to her face. She was saying beard and dabbing the black water color on her cheeks. We decided to go for it. I took over the painting and Lucy sat still for a whole three minutes, which meant to me that she really wanted her face painted.

After we finished painting on the beard, mom took a quick pictures and Lucy and I did what seemed to be the natural next step…we went into the bathroom to play with shaving cream and I showed her how to shave!?!?!

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