Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

I didn't intent on doing it, but with my last post being Happy Mardi Gras and this post being Happy Easter, it seems I gave up blogging for Lent. I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend and I am glad to be posting again.

I wanted to share an action shot from our Easter egg dying session. It is a bad picture in most ways except one. It is bad picture because the egg dying equipment isn't pictured, the eggs the girls are holding are white, and Lib is behind our Easter tree (branches from our lilacs with Easter ornaments on it). The one good thing about the picture is that I captured Paige chucking a hard boiled egg to the ground. The egg is the white streak.

Paige throwing an egg to the ground was the extent of her participation. Lucy on the other hand really enjoyed writing on the eggs with her white crayon and then choosing which color to dye them. The white crayon was used to dedicate eggs to Uncle Buck (the nickname given to my brother Mark from Lucy), Grace (Lucy and Paige's new cousin), Nona (Lib's mom), Denard Span (my favorite Twin), and many other.

We celebrated Easter Sunday with Libby's family. Lib's brother and his wife hosted a delicious brunch and an Easter egg hunt after mass. Lucy enjoyed her hunt, which included no competition and proved fruitful. Next year I suspect there will be a two year old in hot pursuit of those hidden eggs.

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