Friday, April 29, 2011

Review: Spring Has Sprung

I have set a goal to review all of my previous blog posts. With this goal I hope to accomplish three things. First, it will be fun to take a jog down memory lane and remember all the things I have posted about. Second, I hope to correct all of my typing errors. There are a lot of them out there. They are embarrassing to me and distracting to the readers. The final thing I hope to accomplish by reviewing all my previous posts is to provide updates to previously discussed topics. In other words, continue or finish conversations that I posted about or you commented on.

With this first "review" post I want to continue the story of Lucy and worms. I also wanted to provide Mother Nature a gentle reminder that we are ready for spring. Last April 15th I posted an entry titled Spring Has Sprung. Looking back it appears we had been enjoying warm weather for a couple weeks by mid-April last year. It is currently April 29th and Mother Nature has yet to spring Spring for this year. Again, we are ready when you are!

After multiple successful spring worm hunts last year, Lucy has continued to be interested in worms. As a result of this interest, we have been playing a game we simply call "worms". The game is as easy as it sounds. We grab a blanket, lay under it, and pretend we are worms. The highlights of the game include, but are not limited to: hiding when the lawn mower goes by, avoiding getting pulled from the ground by birds, and eating compost when we are hungry. The below picture is from a recent round of worms. We had cheese puffs for snacks with us underground that day. I enjoy watching Lucy's imagination at work. I also enjoy Paige peeking under the blanket and wondering what is going on.

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