Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: Baby Driver

I don't drive a Subaru and I don't watch the Emmy's, but I did blog about a Subaru commercial last November that was recently nominated for an Emmy. I don't want to hurt my arm patting myself on the back, but it can't be ruled out that Tales from the Homefront played a role in the Subaru Baby Driver commercial nomination...maybe.

The commercial shows a dad seeing his daughter as a little girl although in reality she is 16 and taking the car out for the first time. Having to young girls, the commercial really stuck with me. It was easy to imagine me being that guy in 13 short years.

A friend posted a link on Facebook today saying Subaru's Baby Driver commercial has received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Commercial of 2011. This nomination makes me think, maybe, just maybe the committee has been keeping tabs on the Homefront blog, saw my November post, and agreed that it is a good commercial. More likely (much, much more likely) the commercial was nominated because it resonated with thousands of other parents like it did with me.

From my perspective, Baby Driver has some stiff competition in the category. (Look at me type like I know what I am typing about.) All the nominees can be viewed here. Sorry about the aggressive right hand column in the embedded link. I say baby driver has stiff competition because I remember laughing about the Conan commercial and laughing even harder about the Old Spice commercial.

Another nominee is a McDonald's commercial. In this commercial a dad who is driving his baby to sleep orders, pays for, and picks up McDonald's drive-through food without stopping his car. I have thought about trying this a couple times when I was hungry and driving Paige to sleep.

If you drive a Subaru, watch the Emmy's, have any tips for dealing with your 16 year old backing out of the driveway or have a vote for which commercial was the best of 2011 I would love to hear from you.

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