Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Driver

After watching this commercial I had a few thoughts that really stuck with me. The commercial didn’t resonate in a way that made me run out and buy a Subaru, but it nonetheless it had an impact. The first thing that grabbed my attention was a dad talking to a little girl. The girl looks a bit older then Lucy, but it wasn’t hard to picture Lucy and me in that situation. The commercial cemented something for me that I probably already subconsciously knew, and numerous parents have told their kids (mine included)…"No matter how old, educated, or mature the girls get, they will always be our little girls!”

It also made me daydream about the day when Lucy and Paige get their drivers license and reverse out of the driveway for the first time. I am relieved that “the drive away day” is roughly a decade and a half away. I also realized that the day will inevitably arrive, and when it does it will feel all too soon. Between now and then we will just have to play as much pretend car in the drive way with little sister riding shotgun in her pink snowsuit as possible.

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