Friday, June 15, 2012

Clock…we got ourselves a game!

Over the last couple years I have fallen in love with running.  I hope to do many more blogs about running and what it means to me.  Today I want to post about a race I am completing this weekend, Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN.

Grandma’s Marathon will be my second marathon.  I have been training all spring and feel ready.  Despite my optimism for the race there is always nervous energy the week before the race.  My current challenge is that to deal with the nerves I would like to run.  Unfortunately, I can't run too much because I am “tapering” or limiting my miles before the race.

I have turned to the elliptical, some yoga, and inspirational speeches on YouTube to burn off nervous energy and get myself prepared.
Being shorter than six feet tall and weighing less than 180 pounds I have found myself the underdog in most of my athletic endeavors.  Standing with thousands of other runners at the start line of a marathon is no exception.  There are numerous runners who are taller, leaner, and simply look faster.  What I love about running is that it is an individual sports, with each running working to acheive their own goals.  I am not competing against the other runners, but only against the clock.  If I finish dead last but run my race and achieve my goals I am happy.

With that said, the clock is a very tough competitor.  It is very consistent, never misses a beat, and is always there.  When I stop to drink water it keeps going.  When I run a slower mile it just keeps ticking.  I have been training to beat you clock.  Below is my favorite of my motivational speeches and it goes out to you...clock.  We are all coming for you on Saturday in Duluth.  We know you will be there doing your thing, but we are ready!

Good luck to anyone running this weekend, in Duluth or anywhere.  If you pass me I hope I have the energy to give you a smile and good luck.  Hope to see you all at the finish!

Words to my motivational speech

Here’s the thing that makes life so interesting,
The theory of evolution claims, “Only the strong shall survive.”
Maybe so… Maybe so.
But the theory of competition says, “Just because they are the strong it doesn’t mean they can’t get their asses kicked!”

That’s right!
See for every long shot, come from behind, underdog will tell you is this,

The other guy may in fact be the favorite. 
The odds may be stacked against you. Fair enough.

But what the odds don’t know is this isn’t a math test.
This is a completely different kind of test.

One where passion has a funny way of trumping logic.
So before you step up to the starting line, before the whistle blows, and the clock starts ticking

Just remember out here the results don’t always add up.
No matter what the stats may say, and the experts may think, and the commentators may have predicted

When the race is on, all bets are off.
Don’t be surprised of someone decides to flip the script and take a pass on yelling uncle
And then suddenly as the old saying goes, “We got ourselves a game!”

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  1. This video rocks. Congrats on a fantastic marathon #2!