Monday, May 21, 2012

When I was your age...

As kids we all heard our parents use the phrase, "When I was your age..."

Sometimes the phrase was used to tell a story of how much the times have changed.  Other times it was used to make use appreciate something we had that our parents didn't when they were kids.  Most often (at least in the house I grew up in) it was used to add humor to a childhood story. 

The most humorous of the "When I was your age" stories had to do with my dad's walk to school.  I am confident that many other children have heard the tale of their parents' 15 mile uphill  both ways stroll to school.  When I saw the below picture on-line I laughed out loud and immediately thought of my dad.  He is an above average story teller, and his version often included fighting off wolves (not pictured), which meant him and his brother had to walk back to back for safety.
In addition to wanting to post this funny picture of my dad's walk to school, I wanted to discuss that I am now experiencing "When I was your age" moments with Lucy and Paige.  The first and most common is when Lucy or Paige touch the screen on our home computer and can't figure out why the cursor (that is what we called the "mouse" thing we used in my day) doesn't respond.  They are both accustom to tablets or smart phones that have touch screens that they don't realize devices haven't always been that way.

A second example of this occurred when Lucy and I did a father daughter date to The Lorax.  The movie was in 3D.  I told Lucy that it was the first time I has watched a 3D movie.  She just gave me a strange look.  Her look said that she is only four and I am old so how could I have not watched a 3D movie yet with all those extra days I have lived.

I didn't even get into the fact that we were taking pictures of each other with our 3D glasses on with a portable phone!?!? 

"When I was growing up phones were connected to the wall at home and they all had curly cords attached."

The third example of "When I was your age" that took place over the last couple weeks was when we went to Menard's to get some sand for the sandbox.  Menard's now offers pink, blue, purple, and white sand.

On the drive home from Menard's I said, "Lucy and Paige, when I was your age we didn't have different colors of sand to choose from.  We just had sand."

As you can see from the picture below they were unimpressed with my sand history lesson and happily went with pink.
I also remember that many of the stories about "When I was your age" drew upon memories of a simpler time.  As I am now the person using this quote, I have two thoughts about growing up in a different generation.  First, this generation like many before it will find a way to navigate all the new and different products and ideas.  Secondly, the girls will have many more complex situations in their future that will leave me yearning for what I remember as a simpler time.  Until those days roll around I am going to enjoy the 3D movie dates and the pink sand!


  1. That illustration is PERFECT for Dad's stories. . . just needs the wolves and the stick they had to fight them off with ;) Great pics at the movies, too. Looks fun! I love that Lucy wore her Easter dress. Can't wait until we come over sometime to play in the pink sand! Gracie will try to eat it I'm sure. xo

  2. Just getting caught up on your blog, Paul! I loved this post. I remember totally buying into Dad's story. I remember feeling so glad he made it through those walks!

    Love the pictures of the Daddy/Daughter date too :). Tell Lucy I still havan't been to a 3D movie! I better get on that.

    Love ya lots,

  3. We should all go to Brave (new Disney coming out late June) in 3D!! Looks so great.

  4. Great post, Paul! My dad would tell us his version of the walking up hill to school both ways with your dad too!