Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sid Hartman Style

Sid Hartman is a local sports journalist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. He has been writing about local sports for an amazing 64 years. He has a large and popular column in the Sunday sports sections were he simply writes about whatever he wants. I guess if you work for a company for over half of a decade you get to do that. I am going to follow Sid’s format with tonight’s post and just ramble and jot.

I have referred to baby #2 as Larry a couple of times on the blog. In addition to Larry being as good as any general nondescript name for “the bump” Larry Johnson is a former NBA player. He played for a couple NBA teams, had a great college career at UNLV, and is probably most famous (at least in my mind) for making some Grandmama commercials for Converse. While our daughter probably won’t have much in common with the 6’7” gold toothed, African American power forward, it will go down as a funny point of reference.

A brief additional tale on Larry Johnson is my college roommate's well travelled LJ jersey. The Charlotte Hornets number 2 jersey, owned by Mark (wearing his Sam Cassell jersey in the picture), is being worn by Mike, a different roommate, in the picture below. This jersey has made appearances at multiple events throughout college and still shows up at most fantasy football drafts, etc.
It may be a surprise to many, but everyone pictured has a significant other and has turned into a productive adult!?!?!?

Lucy has decided what she wants to be for Halloween next year. Abby from Sesame Street is the pick, and just in the nick of time…only 8 months to spare. In dealing with a 2 year old typically I would say this decision is bound to change, but I think Lucy is going to stick with this one. We will see. Lucy has not only decided that she is going to be Abby, but also that Lib and the new baby will both be Prairie Dawn and that I will be Oscar. Lucy if you think I have been a bit crabby lately you could just tell me instead of indirectly recommending that I would make a good Grouch for Halloween!?!?!

Abby Cadabby --- Oscar the Grouch --- Prairie Dawn

Lucy continues to have a very active imagination, like most 2 year olds I am sure. She is particularly imaginative when we are playing outside. First she insists that we use aliases. She is Aunt Beth (my sister) and I am Uncle Mark (my brother). No matter what we are doing if I call her Lucy or she calls me Daddy, she stops and makes the necessary correction. Secondly, she really has been stretching our imaginations when insists that we name each chunk of ice that we see. Although it is has been warm this week there is still plenty of snow and ice outside. When we are outside it doesn't take long for me to burn through all the American Girl dolls and Sesame Street characters!??!!?!?


  1. Fun post Paul! And on your birthday, too! I was starting to miss hearing your stories :) See you soon for some b-day celebrating! Love ya, -- Em

  2. Love the posts, Paulie!
    Melts my heart that you play, "Uncle Mark and Aunt Beth".

    Countdown to Larry is ON!!

    Love you and Happy Friday!