Monday, March 8, 2010

She went TP(roll)ing

Kids these days…they seem to find trouble at a younger and younger age all the time. Back in my day (spoken like a real adult), kids didn’t get into TPing until high school. Now a two year old is out TP(roll)ing our house!?!?!

With Lib’s encouragement and a helpful craft book Lucy and I have been putting our toilet paper rolls to good use. To date we have completed a camera and a pair of binoculars. A recent arrival of crafts in the mail from Grandma Johnson that included colored popsicle sticks has us now working on some maracas.

Lucy putting the binoculars to good use to see what dad is doing.

Using the binoculars to get an up close look and the camera. The maracas are on the table.

I was imagining these pictures surfacing in about 14ish years when Lucy is in high school. If she ever does go TPing (and to be clear if anyone in the neighborhood is reading this, we will do what we can to NOT have this happen) I figure the pictures will come up in one of two ways.

First option will be Lucy getting caught by the neighbors and I will take these pictures over and say, “This incident was my fault because I taught her the art of TPing at a very young age.”

The second option is Lucy saying, “Dad, I was only trying to get to the inside of the toilet paper rolls as quickly as possible so we could make some more maracas like we use to.”

Dear Lucy,
If you are reading this and the year is 2024 here are my responses to your plans. Option One: There is no chance of me taking the blame for you, but I would be glad to give you a ride to the neighbors in the morning where you will be picking the TP up. Second Option: Well played, going at the heart strings and the memories of your younger days. While I do have fond memories, I have been preparing for this moment…get in the car!

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