Saturday, March 6, 2010

Top Six Signs you might be the child of a stay at home dad

After using a list format to blog my Twins thoughts earlier this week I decided to make another list. I thought it would be a good way to list some of the things Lucy does that may be a result of her having a stay at home dad.

Top Six Signs you might be the child of a stay at home dad

6) When you are playing with your doll house family, you always have the mom doll leave for work and you always keep dad in the kitchen drinking coffee.

5) When you see an image of Joe Mauer, you frequently yell, “Hit the Ball!” (This phrase was actually taught to her my her mom, but reinforced by dad)

4) Even though you are a two year old girl and you favorite color is pink, you love to rough house and wrestle.

3) Whenever someone in the house, including yourself, farts you proudly announce, “Gas Leak!”

2) When you are in a daring mood you jump from stairs, off the bed, and off the couch, and assume that everyone is strong enough to catch you like your dad.

1) You occasionally look at your food and say, “Get in my belly!”


  1. This is an AWESOME list! Can't wait to hear Lucy and baby Larry say these things sometime soon! :) xo - Em

  2. Too funny, Paul! Such a cute list. I'm thinking of you guys! Week 39!!

    Love u and talk soon.

    P.S. I'd say your sisters are your biggest fans : ).