Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DUDE REPORT: Twins off season requests

Major League Baseball is holding their annual winter meetings in Orlando. I wanted to take a moment to discuss two requests from the Tale from the Homefront. These two requests are understandably not the organizations top priorities. The organization should be focusing on pitching (specifically the bullpen) and the middle infield. As a fan my two requests are to have Jim Thome brought back and Todd Coffey added to the bullpen.

I really enjoyed watch Jim Thome hit for the Twins this year. After years of watching him hurt the Twins as a Cleveland Indian and Chicago White Sox, it was enjoyable to see him put 25 over the fence as a Twins. During a game I attended with my father-in-law he hit a ball that bounced off the flag pole in right field. He certainly outperformed my preseason projections ("If Thome hits 10 HR’s and drives in 35 in 130 AB’s I will be ecstatic.") and I would love to see him resigned.

From all accounts he is a very nice person and seems to be a good fit in the clubhouse. He is originally from Peoria, IL. Libby and I, with my sister and brother-in-law, completed a memorial seven hour road trip to Peoria for a family wedding. Having memories of that trip brought up by thinking of Thome is a bonus.

The White Sox were rumored to be interested in bring him back. They have since signed Adam Dunn and expressed interest in bringing Paul Konerko back. I am optimistic they are out of the Thome running. The Twins picked up Jason Kubel’s option for $5.25 this year. While I don’t disagree with that decision I am concerned that too many lefty bats could lead the Twins to tapering their pursuit of Thome.

Bill Smith and others are paid the big bucks to make the tough decisions and they certainly know better than me. A “Thome is my Homey” t-shirt is on my Christmas list and I will be a fan of his next season where ever he plays (except Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland or Kansas City) I just really hope it is Minnesota.

My second request is for the Twins to add Todd Coffey to their bullpen. Like the Thome request it is from the heart of a fan, not the head of a front office member. With that said Coffey does have fastball in the mid-90’s and a good slider. I want him for non-pitching reasons. I want him because it is simply difficult to put a price on seeing a 6’4” 240 pound man sprints from the bullpen to the mound. Some of my family members are Milwaukee Brewer fans and I know they looked forward to Todd Coffey appearances.

Just thinking of the green grass of the major league ballparks and having a beer outside on a summer evening makes me smile!

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