Friday, December 3, 2010

Let the countdown begin

Lucy seems to have inherited her mother's love of numbers. She loves to count everything from the number of crayons in her hand, to the number of animals in a picture, to the number of jumps off the bed with dad catching her that she has negotiate. Typically five is the number of jumps we find mutually acceptable. As she jumps she likes to track her progress. After the first jump she will hold up four fingers on one hand, which is the jumps left, and on the other hand she will hold up one finger, which is jumps completed.

We have tried to capture some of this number loving by creating countdowns to special events. For her birthday we did a good old fashion paper chain. Each morning she woke up very excited to take off a ring and know that her bday was now one day closer.

With the help of Nona (Lib's Mom)we have started the time honored tradition of an advent calendar. Much like the birthday countdown, Lucy starts each day by opening one of the numbered red boxes pictured below. Inside of each box Nona has prepared a little present. To date Lucy has opened bubbles, stick on earrings, and jelly bracelets. Lucy enjoys counting the boxes that are left, although things get pretty fuzzy between 10 and 25, with a lot of fours, thirteens, and nineteens being said. Eventually she gets to 24 and 25 and we take the opportunity to discuss the birth of baby Jesus and the reason for season.

With the calendar reading December 3rd I would be interested in knowing what is going on around your house to get your kids and/or yourself into the holiday spirit. Happy Holidays and best wishes during this time of preparation.

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