Wednesday, December 1, 2010

“Bird” cookies

The week before Thanksgiving Lucy and I had some fun making cookies. The cookies we made were ones that I remembered making growing up. It was fun to keep the tradition alive.

The cookies bordered on crafts. We used frosting for glue and our other materials used included sugar cookies, Hersey Kisses, candy corns, and chocolate chips.

There were multiple steps to making the cookies. As I explained the steps to Lucy she seemed more interested in the cookie/candy part of the plan versus the turkey/Thanksgiving tradition explanation. The proof of her focus was clear when she told mommy that we were going to make chicken treats.

Once we got started on the project (baking the cookies, opening the kisses, etc.) Lucy seemed to be engaged in the process. We talked about how the cookie would be the turkey’s tall feathers, the kiss the body, the candy corn the turkey’s face, and the chocolate chips the feet. She seemed to be following along, but when asked if the explanation of the turkey body parts made sense, all I could only get a muffled “uh-ha” because he mouth was full of candy corns and frosting.

Eventually we started producing some finished products. Just as I thought Lucy was starting to pick up on the turkey being part of the Thanksgiving tradition she asked, “When can we eat one of the chicken cookies?”

Regardless of what you call the “bird” cookies we enjoyed making them, sharing them with neighbors and family, and of course eating them.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

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