Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tales from the Changing Table

When we were kids we all had parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents make comments about how fast we were growing. I even recall some mornings my mom telling me, “You look like you got taller overnight.”

In my youth I remember feeling like these comments were odd. Of course growth was happening, when I was born I was roughly 20 inches tall and fortunately somewhere along the lines I grew. (The fact that the majority of my growth in the last 12 years had been more of a widening than getting taller is a different story altogether!?!?!?) As I kid I just never believed my parents could observe growth from one day to the next.

As a parent I can see where my aunts, uncles, and mom were coming from. I can recall multiple mornings feeling like one of the girls had changed overnight. I also have moments that the speed of their development simply shocks me. A few examples include Paige holding her dinner bowl to her ear pretending it is a phone and then laughing because she knew she was being funny or Lucy teaching me how to scroll through the applications on mom’s smart phone.

Another example of this struck me while I was changing Paige’s diaper. The first observation of her development filled my senses as soon as a peeled back the diaper. As Paige has increased her intake of solid foods her dirty diapers have significantly increased in smell and size.

About once a week she celebrates her bowel productivity with a complete blowout diaper. Typically these changes mean a lost outfit and a diaper pad cover change. After those items are out of the way I just start wiping below the armpits and work my way down until she is clean enough to go in the bath.

Paige also seems to be “filling” more and more of the changing table daily. As you can kind of see from this picture our changing table has sides. I often feel like her head and feet are getting closer and closer to those sides.

My experience observing the girls’ growth now has me saying, “You must have grown overnight.” This leads me to agree with my mom observations from years back and conclude with another common phrase of our youth, “Mom knows best.”

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