Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring has Sprung

When I was growing up we were trained that during March and April you should always be on the lookout for signs of spring. It was always a proud moment when we saw our first robin or a flower blooming or drove past an open golf course.

With Lucy’s assistance I have documented some proof that spring has arrived.

First Sign of Proof: Getting ice cream after a family walk
After a walk earlier this week, we stopped at the ice cream shop on the way home. Lucy's smile says it pretty well, but she really likes ice cream. To drive the point home that it was a warm spring day, Lucy went pants free to eat her ice cream.

Second Sign: Tulip bulbs on the verge of blooming
Last fall, shortly after we moved into the house, Grandma (my mom) and Lucy planted Tulip bulbs in our yard. It has been fun to watch them pop up this spring. Within a week we should have some colorful flowers.

Lucy and I have been discussing what color the flowers will be. The color guessing discussion with Lucy reminded me of my silblings and I discusing what colored sweater vest Mr. Rogers was going to wear each day. I would love to know if anyone else ever played the "guess Mr. Rogers vest color game". For those of you who don't remember Mr. Rogers would start every show by taking off his coat and boots and putting on a sweater vest and shoes. I always guessed blue. He is not a sign of spring, but I pictured him anyway.

Third Sign: Successful worm hunt
After a heavy rain one night this week, Lucy and I walked outside and looked on the street for worms. As you can see from the pictures we were successful. I was also very proud of Lucy for her willingness to touch and hold the worms.

She did ask why worms go on the road when it rains. If anyone knows I would love to provide her (and myself with a real answer). I believe I mumbled something about the rain taking the air out of the dirt (which was met with a blank stare and a "why?"). I then went with because the dirt gets cold and the road is warmer during a rain storm!??!?!

There were a lot of squished worms in the middle of the road. I took the opportunity to reminder her that is why we have to watch for cars and why we don't play in the street. This lesson may have fallen on deaf ears though because she was really into her worms!

Fourth Sign: Spring fashion
Lucy announced what will be the popular fashions this season for two year olds. She went with a classic look. The look has been worn by two year old who love to run faster then their coordination can keep up with for generations. It is the multiple band aid look. To date she has been sticking with Dora band aids, but they seem to be running out fast.

Happy Spring!


  1. Paul you are correct about the lack of oxygen in the soil as being the reason for the worms to emerge from the earth. Because worms "breathe" through their skin, they cannot get enough oxygen when the pore space in the soil is filled with water. Thus, the worms have to come up for air, and unfortunately, sometimes they get stuck on the pavement.

  2. Steph, that is so interesting - you are a genius! :) Paul, I love the Mr. Rogers memory - that was a classic guessing game! And the pictures are great - love that one of Lucy's hands with the worms. Maybe she'll be a fisherwoman or a Helminthologist (google it - I had to :) Love, Aunt Em

  3. Pantsless ice cream...a sure sign of spring!!

  4. Love these pictures!!! : ) Enjoyed your memory of signs of Spring we would look for...I believe it would have been Mom pointing out the robins and Dad with the golf course shout out.