Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Holiday Review

Last November I was summoned to county jury duty. I deferred to early May based on the assumption that we would be less busy during that time of year. The early May date rolled around this week and our schedule wasn't exactly wide open. So far grandparents have helped with the girls and there are additional grandparents, extended family, and neighbors on call.

To date I have served two days. Serving has meant sitting in a room from 8AM to 4PM simply waiting in a room with 175ish strangers and being available if a court room needs a jury. In addition to talking to a guy I recognized from church, making some new friends, and playing cribbage I have had the chance to go through most of the 600 pictures on my phone. Without back to back days with an eight hour period of absolutely nothing going on the phone picture project would have never been attempted. I plan to use many of the "would have been lost, but due to jury duty are organized" photos on the blog.

Today's post is to catch up on a couple holidays that slipped by.

St. Patrick's Day
Growing up with a 100% Irish mother St. Patrick's Day was a big holiday in our house. We decorated the house, baked Irish Soda Bread, sent cards to family, and always went out for corned beef and cabbage.

While the girls are a bit too young to grasp all the details of St. Patty's Day I made some good inroads with Lucy this past March 17th. Lucy will not soon forget the Shamrock Shake that she got on that special Thursday morning after swimming lessons. Nothing says be proud of your Irish heritage to a three year old like green ice cream! We will work on saying "Erin Go Bragh" over shakes next year.

Valentine's Day
We had a lot of fun making Valentine's for various friends and family. Always lots of glue stick and colored pencil time around this holiday. This year Lucy really enjoyed cutting the doilies in to a million pieces! Glue, glitter, and a thousands one centimeter red doily pieces makes for some extra special clean up time.

The actually day of February 14th was low key. Of course we couldn't let the day go by completely unrecognized. In addition to getting Mom some flowers I made heart shaped pancakes. I was proud of my work, but like any other pancake the girls have ever seen them liked them more once the syrup arrived.

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