Saturday, May 7, 2011

Power of Genetics: Top Ten Lists

As I mentioned when I started the "Power of Genetics" section, I wanted to discuss some of the non-traditional ways we show up in our children.

I was reminded of one of my crowning academic achievements a couple weeks ago while Lucy was watch a YouTube video about the movie Tangled. Says a lot about my academic career doesn't it!?!?! The "achievement" I am referring to is a research paper I completed in high school on...The Ten Greatest Teams in NBA History.

On the off chance that anyone is interested, I concluded that the 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers were the best team ever. They edges out the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls, who won 72 games. Although I grew up loving Micheal Jordan, ultimately, Magic, Kareem, Coach Riley, Michael Cooper, AC Green, James Worthy and company got the top honor in a paper that was review and acclaimed by no one.

Lucy really enjoyed watch Tangled, a Disney movie based on the fairy tale Rapunzel. Truth be told, Lib and I enjoyed the movie too. Lucy's favorite line from the movie is when Rapunzel says, "BEST DAY EVER!" I love when Lucy repeats the line with the same excitement that Mandy Moore used while doing Rapunzel's voice.

To learn more about the movie we searched YouTube for Tangled trailers and other videos. Lucy really enjoyed watch the below listed clip. It discussed a top ten list of the best Disney Princesses. Her interest in viewing this clip repeatedly and analysis of each of the princesses took me back to my high school research paper.

Through the video and other research Lucy has really gotten to know most of the princesses. We haven't viewed all of the movies, but have read about most of them. Lucy remains non-committal on which princess she likes best. Paige tends to gravite to the Tiana (Princess and the Frog) and Snow White dolls.

While the debates over which NBA team is the greatest ever and which Disney Princess is the best continue here, we would love to know your thoughts on either of the topics.

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  1. I like how Lucy is weighin her personal favorite has always been Belle, but I'll try not to sway her opinion too much : ). As for the best NBA team...with the way the Bulls keep checking off tallies in the win column lately, I'll have to go with them. Love you guys and look forward to seeing you soon!