Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Review: Facial Hair

Since starting this blog I have discussed the topic of facial hair more frequently then I expected and far more then my readers would prefer. With an advanced apology to you, I continue to carry on about the topic. My excuse this time is that Paige didn't want to be left out.

To make this an official "review" post I wanted to list the three additional times that I have discussed facial hair on this blog. Lucy has earned two facial hair posts: The circus was in town and Beard Update. I blogged about my "No Shave November" and Movember in this post: Different ways to raise awareness.

While Lucy used black paint for her first beard and bubbles from the bath for her second, Paige used Nutella and a cracker to create her beard. Unlike Lucy, Paige's creation was unintentional. The relationship between Nutella and Paige was love at first sight. In her excitement to quickly eat as much as possible she missed her mouth...a lot.

Another difference from older sister's two beards, Paige went with the mustache and goatee versus the full beard. Being the person that had to remove the thick layer of Nutella in the bath, I appreciated that it wasn't a "full beard".

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