Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank you and Merry Kiss-mas

I wanted to take a minute to thank Jessica from for creating the header for my blog. She did an excellent job of putting together some shots “from the homefront”.

Going from left to right across the header…

The first picture was taken by Libby when Lucy, Gracey, and I were playing in the fall leaves. Gracey is names after her creator, Graco, and hasn’t left Lucy’s side since she received it as a present from her Uncle Dan and his fiancĂ© Mollie for her first birthday. Considering Lucy goes through some toys in a matter of minutes, I have been impressed Gracey has lasted over a year.

The middle picture was taken at the Hopkins' Fire Department Open House. Lucy got the yellow hat from an Excel Energy booth. Behind us in the picture is an ambulance that we had just walked through. Lucy wasn’t interested in riding in the fire truck or going up in the bucket, maybe next year.

The picture on the right is my partner in crime and I getting some laundry done. When we are getting things done around the house I use the word “helper” very loosely in describing Lucy. I guess she is “helping” me get a bit of an arm workout in while we complete laundry. Although Lucy often kills productivity, I have really enjoyed her interest in things. She always wants to know what everything is and how it all works.

Jessica is not only great at putting together headers, etc, but she is also a gifted photographer. Below are a couple shots from a sitting that she did for us this fall. Thanks for all the great shots from that sitting too.

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  1. hi paul, love your blog :) nice to read a daddy's perspective. ~jessica