Monday, December 14, 2009

Purpose and Plans

Fully understanding that I am risking taking myself and this blog too seriously I wanted to take a minute to post my purpose and plans for this blog. As I set out, there are two main purposes of this blog. The first is to document and share the stories of my life as a stay at home parent. The fact that I am a stay at home dad, the fact that my two year old daughter thinks she has the world pretty much figured out, and my general ability to leave the house without any diapers or snacks on Wednesday for Tuesday morning swimming lesson should make memorable stories abundant and entertaining.

The second purpose (and this may be the part where I am taking myself too seriously, but I truly believe it) is to celebrate parenting. As a parent, raising children will most likely be my most important contribution to the world. As “intense” as the last sentence is, I am comforted and inspired by the idea that millions before me have raised children, millions currently are going through what I am going through, and that some day it will be our kids raising kids. In other words, what is so special and unique to each parent, ultimately is very familiar to many. Sharing these commonalities and learning from other people who have or are going through the same thing as us is exciting to me. I am not the first stay at home dad in history and what I am blogging about isn’t breaking news, but hope to find a way to capture the beauty of raising children in my own unique way.

To put the last rambling paragraph in a much more concise way…My second purpose to discuss, enjoy, and laugh about the common things that all parents go through.

The plan for the blog is unknown; I just didn’t want to have a post titled only Purpose. Seriously though, I hope to expand not only beyond the stories of poop, pee, and swear words (although you probably haven’t heard the last of those topics), but also expand beyond Lucy and I. Is a blog that is a virtual smorgasbord of valuable topics, with contributors from around the globe too much to ask? We will see, but between now and then we will just keep typing and see what happens.

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