Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rodent in the Bed

When we woke up it was gone, but there was definite proof left behind of a visitor. In previous mornings, we have had to deal with a couple small ones, but on this morning we had our largest piece of evidence yet. The worst part was that the proof was not only left in the bed of where our two year old sleeps, but on her body. What is pictured below is a record setting RAT’S NEST for the Johnson house.

To our relief, the victim did not mind one single bit about her early morning look. She even expressed interest in having some fun with the rat’s nest situation. We decided to give Lucy a “haircut”. The haircut was completed with a comb, a play hair dryer, some detangler, ok lots of detangler, her play-doh scissors, and my best scissor cutting noise.

We still have an occational rat’s nest, but now we have a plan in place on how to deal with then!

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