Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One day...Two pants wetting experiences

With a two year old in the house, you can guess the first person and cause of one of the wet pants. Slowly we have started to work with Lucy on potty training. To date we have mainly been talking about using the bathroom. To our initial surprise if we ask and she needs to go, she is fine with going on the potty. She enjoys the cheering, clapping, and occasional candy after she uses the potty. We have started let her wear real underwear around the house. She feels like a big girl and we figure that is the natural next step. Eventually I want to get to the point where she tells us when she has to go, but we aren't there yet. When she forgets she is wearing big girl pants we occasionally get wet pants, and the fateful Sunday I am writing about was no exception. I would love to hear any training tips or stories you would be willing to share.

The second pair of wet pants (or at least nearly wet pants) was provided by Drew Brees and my wife. My wife started playing fantasy football in a work league last year. After a successful season last year, she has come to believe that she should win every week. Not to bore the non-fantasy football players among us too much (I told myself to stay focused when I started this blog and here in post #2 I am off talking fantasy football), but Lib's opponent had Brees as her quarterback. After he threw his fourth touchdown of the game Lib said the F-word. Lucy then proceeded to yell the F-word four times. At least she is expanding her vocabulary right!?!?!?

Libby and I were both working very, very hard not to laugh, but it was just too much to take. When I was able to get my air back I was about to tell Lib that she needs to start watch her mouth, but I was interrupted by Lucy shouting "F-ing A, F-ing A!" This happens to be a phrase that is occasionally/frequently heard from Lucy's father (me) when things aren't going well. At this point it was noted by both Libby and I that we need to clean up our language around the house. When Lib was able to get her air back from laughter, she announced that she may have wet her pants!?!?!


  1. Paul....I love your blog already! You've got some crazy ladies on your hands! Hopefully I'll see you soon..

  2. Paul that is so hilarious! Reminds me of this:

  3. Paul,

    It was good to see you today. It was easy to find you. Love the pictures and the story. Keep in touch and here is my blog:

    Hope to see all of you again soon!


  4. Hi Paul, thanks for your comment. I don't currently read any stay at home dad blogs, so this will be a fresh perspective on things!