Friday, April 9, 2010

Best laid plans

On March 3rd, in my first dude report, I mentioned that I wanted to start two additional posting folders/categories before the end of March. Ten days later Paige was born. Not only did I not fulfill my goal of two additional category posts, I didn't post at all the rest of the month. Now that I am blogging again, with the 2 and a half year old and 4 week old taking care of themselves HA!HA!HA!, I hope to get both of these categories started before the end of April.

Lucy also made some plans that we have yet to complete, although she is further along than I. Before the recent warm weather her and I were have some "chalk talk" about what we were going to do when it got nice outside. She laid out her plan for a big party in the backyard. The progress that she has made since our meeting is that she has not only put in some quality hours on the swing set, but she has done it with some of the friend pictured. We are still working on how to get all pictured attendees to the summer party.

First, I will walk you through the layout of the plan. On the left hand side of the chalk board is the swing set. Party attendees that are pictures on the swing set included Lucy, Ari, Clara, Tom, Vivi, Dad, Baby (now referred to as Paige) and some others. To this point, the plan seems reasonable. Some of the friends live out of town, but it isn't outside the realm of possibilities to get them to town to play.

The lower right part of the picture is the table on our patio. Although the table appears very overcrowded, it is mommies drinking wine. (This is as good of time as any to remind you that this is a plan Lucy thought up) Up the hill we have some neighbors (Cooka, Big John, Noah, and Suzie) climbing the tree on the left. Still seems to be a reasonable plan...

After that is were executing her best laid plan will be as likely as Harry Carey getting Albert Einstein on to his show. (Harry doesn't mention Albert until 4:34 into the clip, but if your schedule permits I would recommend taking in the whole video) The right tree has Dora the Explorer and her best friend Boots and the blue blob to the right of the swing set is Maria from the Sound of Music. Tracking down a couple of animated characters and an Austrian nanny from the 1930's will be challenging.

On the other hand, we have tracked Dora down once before (Mall of America last Christmas Season, pictured below) and my updated blog posts could wait another month as I try to get on Julie Andrews schedule to invite her to our party!??!


  1. You never fail to amaze me Johnson!

  2. nice work lucy!

    vivi has that tank top too :)

  3. I would be delighted to dress up as Maria and attend this lovely party, if that helps.