Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A New Paige

I am going to go multiple directions with this one:

The new baby Paige When I talk about Paige my instinct is to compare her to Lucy. I hope to avoid either of the girls ever getting sick of being compared to each other, but I am going to go with it for the moment. Paige was born smaller then Lucy and has put on weight slower. With that said we have been excited to watch the development of a belly, leg and neck rolls, and round cheeks.

Paige seemed to be more of a natural latcher then Lucy, but I am sure that mom’s experience helped. Paige is also a natural at filling diapers. Not only have I been amazed at the amount of poop she produces for someone on a 100% liquid diet, but the sounds and facial expressions with which she does it.

Paige, we love having you in the family and we look forward to your story to continue to unfold. It has been amazing to watch so far.

A new page in our family
We are starting to get settled in as a family of four. Lucy has been a great older sister and continues to be very interested in Paige. She loves to look at Paige, sing to her, and insists on knowing which Sesame Street character is in the diaper we are putting on Paige during a diaper change. Lucy also likes to give Paige kisses and talk to her. Lucy has been heard saying the below quotes to Paige:

• “Hey You”
• “Big Sister Here”
• “Don’t cry Paigie”
• “When you get older:
o We will eat ice cream together
o We will play on the swing set
o We will go swimming

Lib has been amazing with all the demands of the two girls. Although Lucy has been great to Paige she has been a bit sensitive about her mommy time. Paige is naturally demanding with her need to eat ever 3 to 4 hours around the clock. Lib you are my hero!

Fatigue is a natural part of having a new baby in the house. Below is an embarrassing picture that I will forever contend simple captured a blink. Nonetheless the pic captures how we have all occasionally felt over the first month as a family of four.
It may be time for me to turn the page on the name of my blog and go with “DAZE from the Homefront!”

A newer Paige
Lib told me she recently read a newborn is the fussiest around week 6. Paige has verifying to us that she agrees with that statistic. To say she is colicky would be to way over state her mood. She continues to be an overall good baby; she just has been working her lungs out more frequently in the last week. My unmedical opinion is that she is becoming more aware of her surroundings (more sensitive), but doesn't yet know how to deal with her new feelings.

For example, we went to the zoo earlier this week. We left our house around 9AM and returned around 12:30. During this three and a half hour trip, Paige ate twice (30 minutes each), slept for 15 minutes, and screamed the rest of the time. Now that is a lung workout! She apparently wanted to see the animals.
Lucy said her favorite was the monkeys and she is very interested in returning to the zoo.

With this new fussiness our new nightly routine has become walking laps around our living room and kitchen. We take turns “singing” until she falls asleep.

Paige, I look foward to being there as the numerous pages of your story are written! (I couldn't resist including one more cheesy page/Paige reference!?!?!?!?!)

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  1. I like your post, Paul! Of course, I had to print out the picture of the girls for my desk at work. It is so cute - can't wait to see Paige again soon. I love that you are willing to post the pic of you "blinking" and holding the girls :) Who took it, did Lib? Love you lots! xoxo - Aunt Em