Monday, April 12, 2010

A big hand (and some fingers) for Nana

Lucy calls Lib’s parents Nana and Papa. With today’s post I want to give three cheers to Nana.

Cheer #1: I wanted to give a big thanks to Nana and Papa for the extra set of hands that they provided to us during our first week with Paige. As Paige approaches one month of age, we are starting to get a routine figured out. We certainly didn’t have a routine during the first week and their assistance was priceless and greatly appreciated.

Cheer #2: During Nana’s time here she worked with Lucy to make a flower. To make the flower they traced Lib, Lucy, and Paige’s hands. We have it up in our kitchen now and I have enjoyed walking past it and seeing all of “my girls” hands. Nothing like a colorful spring flower that doesn’t wilt!
Cheer #3: Nana also found time to teach Lucy a song you may have heard of to help her learn the names of her fingers. Some of the lyrics are “Where is Thumbkins? Where is Thumbkins? Here I am. Here I am. How are you today, sir? Very well I thank you. Run away. Run away.”

The song continues through the rest of the fingers of the hand. The song has stuck with Lucy and there have been multiple times that I have overheard Lucy looking at her fingers and singing to herself. One memorable encounter was when I walked into our bedroom and Lucy was quietly singing to her shadow on the wall. A real cute image right...except for the fact that she was flying the double bird and singing “Here is middleman! Here is middleman!”

In Nana’s defense she did say you need to be careful with Middleman. I guess Lucy forgot that part of the song!?!?!?


  1. Flying the double bird! Ha! LOL on that one! :-) Happy opening day to my favorite Twins fan! Are you going to watch the game, bro? Downtown is Twins crazy! And today here at Target we got to wear Twins gear --- and jeans! Yay! We are waiting for the F-16 flyover in 15 minutes and will be watching from floor 29. xoxo, Em