Thursday, January 21, 2010

The big 3-0, and I am talking weeks

This Saturday the 23rd will mark the completion of week 32 of the/Lib's (real dilemma on what word to use there. “The” seems to be more inclusive in regards to the fact that Lib isn’t alone on this whole baby thing. “Lib’s” seems to be more appropriate since she is currently doing all the work, yet it sounds a bit like it was just her crazy idea. This dilemma is to show appropriate support for Libby not to interject myself into the sentence. Any feedback on appropriate word use would be appreciated!) pregnancy.

Since I am already a week and a half late with this post another moment delay can’t hurt. So I will take a moment to wish MLB Daddy and Hilary from Suburban Zoo each a belated happy 30th birthday. It seems appropriate for two reasons, first I do hope they each had a good birthday and second, we are talking about the big 3-0 with today’s post.

During this pregnancy Lib’s been having trouble finding anything that sounds good to eat. To celebrate the 30 week milestone I tried to make a meal only of foods Lib has enjoyed during the pregnancy. The challenge here is that her tastes have been changing like the weather, except faster and more frequently. Faster as in, she wants a grilled cheese and by the time I make the sandwich, it doesn’t sound good anymore.

The menu:
1st course: Cinnamon toast
2nd course: salad with craisins, sesame sticks and three cheese ranch dressing
main course: grilled cheese, turkey and cheese panini, or pizza rolls
dessert: no bake Oreo cookie pie.

Real gourmet, right!?!?!? Not to mention quite the combination of flavors. I don’t think I fully thought through the fact that although she has liked all the food throughout this pregnancy, it doesn’t mean that she eats them all at the same time. She was very polite though and I appreciated that. Much like the time we made my dad breakfast in bed and served him an egg roll to go with his cheerios and coffee and then stared at him until he tried it!?!?!?!

As you can see from the large empty space on the plate in the picture below, and true to form throughout the pregnancy, none of the main course options sounded good. The meal was concluded with a second order of cinnamon toast and a conversation about the pregnancy.

Here’s to the final two months Lib. Thanks for all of the sacrifices you are making to carry, develop, and grow Baby Johnson #2. Lucy and I are excited to do our part of baby care whenever she shows up. Until then Baby Larry could not be lucky to have you taking care of it!


  1. Hey, thanks for the birthday shout out!

    Cinnamon toast was crucial during my pregnancies as well! How nice of you to make such a thoughful meal for Lib. Can't wait to meet baby #2 (Baby Larry?!)!

  2. Ok, I'm laughing trying to remember dad being served a breakfast-in-bed egg roll?!? :) Was that served up by you or was it Mark, Beth or I? Did he eat it? :) Too funny. You are such a generous and supportive husband and dad, Paul. Very sweet. Love you, xo, -- Em

  3. Such a sweet thing to do. Can't wait to meet baby #2!