Thursday, January 7, 2010

First name I got called this year...

Guppy, and next year it will be minnow.

I guess technically in the second video posted by Scott, a friend of the people I jumped with, he called us all stupid around 7 AM on 1/1/10. I think he had a point!?!?! It was about 2 degrees with a bit of a wind, and we jumped into water that they needed to cut away over 12 inches of ice to access.

Lib’s uncle (pictured right before me around the 1:20 mark of Scott’s video) has jumped into Lake Minnetonka six New Year’s days in a row. With each jump you move up the food chain. As you can see in the video (in addition to my red snowflake bathrobe, thanks honey!) my hand was marked with a G to signify that I was a Guppy or first year. Next year I will be a minnow, then a walleye, musky, baracuta5, baracuta6, 7, 8, 9, and then after 10 jumps you are a shark. There are special robe that the Sharks wear. It is really quite the event.

When I jumped in the water the cold really took my breath away. The most unique part was when I went to dry off my hair it was frozen! Ultimately I enjoyed the unique way of kicking off the New Year. I like the symbolism of jump starting the New Year by alerting all the senses and kind of saying here we go to 2010. Well, here's to guppy being the worst name I am called this year and the Ice Dive being the numbest brained thing I do this year.


  1. paul, you're nuts. i love minnesota with the best of them, but that is just plain... yeah.