Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why ask why...

Tonight's post made me think of the old beer commercials where they say, "Why ask why? Try Bud Dry." Upon researching this topic and watching a couple Bud Dry commercials I was amazed to learn that Bud Dry came out in 1990. This fact not only made me feel old, but made me question why I was paying attention to beer commercials at the age of nine. I guess that shows the power of a catchy slogan.

A second question that was raised was why would any beer have the word "dry" in its title. It turns out that "dry" beer is made with genetically altered yeast or rice, which creates a beer with less sugar. It also turned out that although dry beers typically have a higher alcohol contents, Bud Dry lacked any body and flavor. The absences of flavor led to an absences of customers which led to Bud Dry being replaced by Bud Ice (which probably also sucked) in 1994.

The reason that this slogan popped into my head is because Lucy has been asking the "why?" questions a lot. Typically she asks it at least three times in a row. It can start out with a simple, "Why are you eating that daddy?" And after explaining that I am eating because I am hungry and that it is breakfast time, she will wait roughly one whole second before saying..."why?" Then after explaining that I am hungry because I haven't eaten since the night before and that breakfast is a very important meal, she will process this information and simply again ask, "why?"

I know many you have inquisitive kids, so you have all had these conversations many times.

Recently we have had two situations where the Why Game got extensive and in one case simply, odd. First, we were watching Dora's Christmas Adventure (please just overlook the fact that it is still in the DVD player as we move into February). In the movie they reenact A Christmas Carol, and Swiper visits a Christmas past and a Christmas future. The Why Game got interesting when I attempted to explain time travel to Lucy. She couldn't understand why Swiper was with "Old Swiper". To answer her questions, I first tried fun responses and then I tried going with just the facts, but both just left her with more why questions. My current plan is to watch Back to the Future with her and see if "Doc" Brown can explain it.

The second situation where the Why Game got out of hand was when we found a headless rabbit in our driveway. When I went out to get the paper it was still dark and I spooked a bird, I think it was an owl, that was sitting on our driveway. Later in the day we were out and we spotted the headless rabbit. Lucy went into full on attack mode, and I don't blame her. "Why didn't it have a head?" "Why in the driveway?" "Why bloody?" This situation not only left Libby and I without enough answers for Lucy, but also doing google search for "How do owls kill their prey?" among others.

You never know where the inquisitive mind of a child may take you. Recently for us it has been time travel and headless rabbits!?!?!?


  1. when max does the 'why' game i'll play along for a few times and then when he asks 'why?' again i'll say, 'well, what do you think?' it works for him most of the time... he'll usually stop asking why and he always is pleased to be asked for input. :)

  2. I think you should try responding to Luc... "Why ask why, try Bud Dry." And then when she gets that memorized and someday says that to a stranger/friend/family member who has no idea what the back story is... they will crack up wondering how a 2.5 year old knows a beer slogan from the early 90s! :)