Friday, January 29, 2010

The Three S's

I concluded a post on 12/15/09, The Circus was in Town, about Lucy being a bearded lady by mentioning that after our beards where photographed we went in the bathroom to shave. I have included a picture of Lucy shaving to finalize that post and to use the image as visual evidence of a recent accomplishment. Due to this accomplishment Lucy will be referred to as "My Girl" throughout the remainder of this post.

The photo was taken on with a cell phone, sorry about the poor quality of the image. The razor she is playing with as plastic protection piece on. If it didn't I would be the first to nominate myself for worst parent of the year.

Without further ado, I am pleased to announce that “My Girl” recently completed all three legs of the 3 S’s.

What are the 3 S’s you say?!?!? Many of you many already know and to those who don’t I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to us the Urban Dictionary. As defined by the Urban Dictionary the 3 S’s are what all men should do before going out or getting up. The first is an S-word for poop; the second is shave, and finally shower.

Now that we have laid some ground work regarding My Girl's accomplishments, I will take a moment to recap. We have documented shaving and I discussed Lucy's love of showering before a recent switch to strictly baths as part of her Big Sister Practice. By my scorecard that puts us at 2 out of 3!

My Girl completed the S-ing tri-fecta during a recent play session downstairs. She announced she needed to go poopie, which by itself is always exciting. The difference this time was that she insisted on saying she wanted to use the downstairs bathroom. From the department of way too much information, the downstairs bathroom is the one daddy uses (per mom’s request). After a successful use of the bathroom, I raised my arms in celebration on announce, THAT'S MY GIRL!

The critics may say that it doesn’t count because the events didn’t happen in secession, but I say they still call it the Tiger Slam although he won all the majors over the course of two years. Use dad’s bathroom one day, shave once a couple months prior, and shower with mom a couple weeks ago, I say NBA continuation...count it, and once again exclaim, “That’s My Girl!”


  1. Love it, Paul. The "3 S's" remind me of something Dad would/does say.

    It's fun picturing you saying, "That's my girl!".

    Talk soon. XO...
    (Aunt) B

  2. "Count it!" and when exclaimed MUST have the accompanying hand in the air... fade back... as if the ball was just released... sinking the HORSE shot from 3-point land to win it all! ... "Count it!" Way to go Miss Lucy, you are our girl! :) Paul, now that it is Feb, selection Sunday is within reach... "Count it!"