Friday, January 22, 2010

Big Sister Practice

With the due date roughly two months away we have ramped up baby preparations around the house. Lucy, never being one to miss out on anything, has also stepped up her game. She frequently asks mom the how the baby is doing, when we are riding in the car she asks where the baby will sit, and she has taken an even stronger interest in her baby dolls (she has always liked playing with them, but she seems to sense that will be showtime soon!)

She has also taken it upon herself to test out a couple of the baby items we have brought out of storage. The first item is the baby bath. Lucy has been strongly anti-bath for about a year and had resorted to showers with mom or dad to get clean. That is until the baby bath showed up. For over a week now we have taken a bath every day, some days two, and we have given her new baby, Luke (more on Luke soon), multiple baths. She wants to take baths more than Ariel from The Little Mermaid wants legs!**

What started out as giving Baby Luke a bath in the baby bath quickly escalated...
Soon she was in the baby bath too...
and ever since we have been taking baths in the big tube, with of course Lucy insisting on sits in the baby bath. Just making sure it is going to work for the new baby!?!?

She has also started carrying her dolls and stuffed animals around in the baby carrier. I am glad that she is practicing this because we will definitely be having our two year old carrying the baby around!?!?! Although that is not true, it has been very cute to watch her prepare and get excited about her sisters arrival.

The paint in the background is a project that is near completion to redo Lucy's room. Libby's Aunt Suzie,who is extremely talented, offered to paint the room as a baby gift when Lucy was born. With a plan to move, we waited until we were in this house to take her up on the offer. Thank you Suzie! I am sure more pictures will be posted on Bebe's Corner when the project is completed.
This past weekend we went to meet our college friend’s new baby, Luke. Lucy was very interested in looking at Luke’s fingers and legs. She was amazed with how little he was, and frankly so was I. Once you get use to hauling 30+ pounds around 8 pounds seems very light. After Lucy’s enjoyable meeting with Luke, she did what any good friend would do and named her new baby doll (one that can go in the bath and was purchased as a result of the new bath obsession) Luke.
We have enjoyed watching Lucy enthusiastically embrace the idea of becoming an older sister. I am excited to witness how Lucy will continue to transform and grow as she welcomes in an additional member to our family.

**The Little Mermaid reference was to denote that we have entered into the world of Disney at our house. She remains diverse in her tastes: SpongeBob, Dora, Seseame Street (especially Elmo), The Sound of Music, and now Ariel, Eric, Max the Dog, Flounder, and Sebastian. Although this is our first Disney film, I am certain it won’t be our last.

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