Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Toby Keith and the family tree

I would have to say that I am not a huge country music fan. I enjoy listening to music, but I am not the type of listener that always listens to the same thing or has ever fallen in love with a particular group or band.

Regarding country music the things the bug me include all the talk of losing your dog, truck, etc. and the disproportionate number of songs that are about high school. With the average life span in the US being about 78 years, there seems to be way too many songs about being 18ish.

As I was typing my last sentence I remembered that Tim McGraw has a song about being 30, so maybe I know more about country then I thought. In addition to that, I do love me a good “Standing Outside the Fire” by Garth Brooks, and apparently somewhere in my mental jukebox I have some Toby Keith. More specifically, the Toby Keith song “Who’s your daddy”. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your opinion of this song, I have passed this tune on to Lucy, although she likes to sing it a bit differently.

The refrain of the song goes:

Who’s your daddy, who’s your baby?
Who’s your buddy, who’s your friend?

Lucy often responds to me singing this by singing (with her best Toby Keith voice (which isn’t very close, yet very cute))

Who’s your daddy, who’s your mommy?

As Lucy gets older maybe we will be able to use this song to help her learn some of her more distant relatives. I am not quite sure if the below has the same ring to it though:

Who’s your daddy’s great aunts husband, who’s their baby?
Who’s your mommy’s cousin’s sister, who’s her dad?

We will work on it!?!?!?

In the meantime, based on a 30 week ultrasound where we opted to find out the gender of baby #2, we will work on Lucy started to saying, “who’s your sister?”

For the full Toby Keith song, check out below; for the full details of us having another girl, check out lib’s blog.

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