Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Photographer in the house

About a week before Christmas Lucy really got into taking pictures. We had an old camera that she made her own. After taking multiple pictures of her own face, she figured out to turn the camera around. She eventually developed her skills enough that after taking a picture she would look at the screen and analyzes the picture. Common phrases said while analyzing a picture included “Looks Nice” and “Actually, pretty good”.

The final phase was organizing pictures. She spent a lot of time telling everyone where to sit or stand during our Christmas with Nana and Papa (Lib’s parents). A couple of times she even stopped playing with whatever she was working on, yelled “wait, wait, wait” to whomever else was in the room and ran to grab her camera. I guess when you envision a good shot you don’t want to miss it.

Below are two shots from Christmas Eve when we were trying to get a family photo. Whenever cameras where being used Lucy had hers ready and she insisted on taking them versus being in them.

With her new found passion for photography she couldn't have received a better Christmas gift...her very own camera. Thanks Nana! Although the camera pictured below does not have much of a flash or a zoom, its durability and color (pink) makes it a huge hit.To conclude the post about Lucy the photographer I thought it would be only fitting to include a couple shots taken by her on the new camera. Oh ya, it comes with a cord so you can upload the pictures. Moving forward I will try to include some more images from the "Lucy Cam".

A picture of my two sisters, Aunt Beth (left) and Aunt Emily, during a visit last week.

A photo of the Lucy and I during some AM play time.


  1. that camera is a huge hit at our house too! we spend quite a bit of time playing "make a funny face for the camera - now it's your turn" game.

  2. I love when kids use words like "actually"...it cracks me up. Love the new camera!

  3. Loving the "Lucy Cam"! :) Will be fun to see what picture ideas she comes up with. Remember the story from Danny P that I mentioned, Paul? About Zach's toy digital cam & his picture of his dad? Love it.

  4. "She is such a stitch!"

    That was my first thought when I sat down to comment. I think I sound like Mom with that thought!

    Thanks for your great posts, Paulie! Such a fun way to stay updated.