Sunday, November 7, 2010

Paige’s Trick

With Paige’s diet still consisting of breast milk and baby food, she went the trick routine versus treat this Halloween. She pulled off her trick over the course of two days.

Like in many homes with young children our living room is typically filled with folded clothes, books, and toys. With this particular morning being the day after Halloween there was a higher than normal number of candy wrappers sprinkled throughout the living room mess.

While getting Lucy some breakfast and negotiating with her to eat some healthy food between treats, I had placed Paige in her ExerSaucer. After dropping off the cereal and apples I noticed Paige had gotten a hold of a tootsie roll wrapper. She has put it into her mouth and seemed to be enjoying chewing on it. I fished half of a wrapper out of her mouth immediately and did a quick look for other wrapper pieces. I was unable to find it, but did not get alarmed. I assumed that it was just somewhere in the mess.

The second half of the tootsie roll wrapper was eventually found. It was found in a dirty diaper of Paige’s the next morning! Paige’s trick of making half a tootsie roll wrapper disappear for 24 hours and then reappearing, although impressive, is one I hope she doesn’t attempt to pull off again.

In discussing this event with my mom, who works at a pediatric nurse call line, she said it is somewhat of a common Halloween event. For us it was scary to think about her possibly chocking or what else the wrapper could’ve done while it is was rattling around in our baby’s body.

Paige, next year at Halloween you will be able to eat solids. To clarify, that means solid foods!?!?!?

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