Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why I love my cheap cell phone

At my last job our company work phone was a Blackberry. I remember how excited I was to have my first “smart” phone. The opportunity to browse the web, a full key pad, and having my e-mail on my phone were all features I was pumped for. Of course, shortly after receiving the phone I realized why the company thought these phones were so cool too…they could track you down anywhere and anytime if needed!?!?!?!

When I left my job the phone went back to the company. I joined my in-laws' friends and family plan and selected a phone from the options of free phones offered with a new line. The extent of my phone downgrade has been a bit of a running joke around the house.

Lib loves to laugh at how difficult it is for me to send a text. I have to agree, texting is my top complaint with the old school phone. Hitting 3 three times for c or 7 four times for s gets annoying quickly. I often find myself unable to send a text that accurately captures my feelings. For example, recently a friend send me a long text (clearly from a full key pad) inviting me to do something. I replied, “I out 4 2nite.” I couldn't even muster up a “thx” or a “ttyl

The second main downgrade with the switch in phones was the quality of the camera. The camera takes grainy, low quality pictures. Unfortunately for you the reader this hasn’t stopped me from using the pictures in past posts. (Shopping Queen or wait… and Year One as a Stay at Home Dad to list a few)

Despite my various complaints and the on-going countdown to 20 months, when I am eligible for a new phone, I fell in love me my phone recently at the park. The phone made up for all of its bad features by not having a certain feature. Thank you for being a cheap enough phone to not have a zoom on the camera!

If the camera on my phone had a zoom I believe I would have been more then arms length away from Paige and Lucy after taking this picture. Being more then arms length away wouldn’t have allowed me to catch Paige when Lucy decided to let go!

It was my fault for putting Lucy, still only 3, in that position. Both girls were smiling and enjoying playing together on the pictures rocking toy. I decided to step back and snap a quick picture on the camera phone. After taking the picture I said, “Thanks, great, that was a good one.”

Lucy reacted like many 3 year olds at the park who fly from toy to toy. In her head my comment meant we were done with that toy and she was on to the next. I was going into my natural habit of looking at the phone to see how the picture turned out. Without even thinking about it I lunged toward the ground to catch a falling Paige. Thank the Lord that she fell my way and that I was able to catch an arm before anything other than her feet hit the ground.

I was scared, Lucy felt bad, and Paige expressed her feelings moments later, by filling her pants. The whole experience, which lasted about 1 second, took my breath away. The idea that Paige had the crap scared out of her made me laugh a bit after I knew she was alright.

With a full pair of pants and no diapers with us, and of course, the whole near miss fall thing I thought we had done enough at the park for one day. We were on our way home shortly.

On the walk home I found some time to give my phone a quick kiss!

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