Friday, November 12, 2010

Solid progress

Tomorrow Paige is 8 months old.

Although there have been a lot of tired days, especially for mom pulling the night shift, the time has gone by quickly. Paige's hair is starting to get a bit longer. She is on the verge of pushing through two more teeth. She isn't crawling yet, but seemed to be able to wiggle herself over to a toy she wants by rolling and scooting.

Her personality also seems to be emerging. It is pretty early to tell, but I think she is going to be an observant gal, who goes with the flow and loves to laugh. Living in a house with three people who like to talk Paige has learned how to be a good listener. With that said, if her babbling is any indication, she won't have too much trouble getting a word in.

Paige loves being with mommy. Of course mom being a food source is a factor, but it goes beyond that. There have been multiple evenings at dinner where she is in her high chair or I am holding her and she is crying. When she gets into mommy's arms she will smile and laugh.

Our soon to be eight month old is also eating solid foods. She hasn't crossed paths with much she doesn't like. She also loves to grab "puffs" and try to put them in her mouth.

Paige has a big sister who loves her very much. Lucy in the last week has mentioned a couple times that she misses Paige when they aren't together. The love is reciprocated from Paige, because she loves to laugh when Lucy is talking to her.

We love you Paige.

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