Friday, November 5, 2010

Sandler and our new fish

For Lucy's birthday, which was a couple months ago, she got a fish. She loved our trip to Petco. She was checking out the mice, rats, ferrets, and the wide variety of other animals they have for sale at the store. After talking to a store employee we learned that if you don't have anything prepared at home (fish bowl, fish food, etc.) you are most likely leaving with a beta fish.

A beta is perfect for us because, they are low, low maintenance. Feed it once a day, clean the water once a week, it prefers to live alone, and it doesn't need a filtration system.

For any pet owner, especially a three year old, selecting a name for your pet is a big deal. I wanted to share my theory on how Lucy named her fish and its funny double meaning.

Lucy has really been into rhyming words lately. This interest in rhyming often leads to her just making up words that share sounds with other words. When discussing names here brain starts by thinking of names she knows. Libby is typically the first name that pops into her head. With that being her mom's name that is understandable.

Recently she has been calling all her dolls Lollie. I think this is a spin off of the L sound. She did the same with naming her birthday fish. We landed on the name Lippy. I wasn't sure if the name would stick, but it certainly has. I would like to take a moment to publically welcome Lippy to our family.

The double meaning of this name that always makes me laugh is that Ms. Lippy is the name of Adam Sandler's odd preschool teacher in the movie Billy Madison. I think of Billy and Ms. Lippy regularly when we are feeding Lippy.

Before signing off today, I wanted to list my top five Adam Sandler movies. In researching this list, I realized there are numerous Sandler movies I haven't seen. I would love to hear your Sandler movie recommendations.

1)Happy Gilmore

2)Billy Madison

3)The Waterboy

4)Big Daddy

5)The Wedding Singer


  1. Mr. Deeds is a good one too...punch drunk love is not a typical sandler movie, but still not too bad. ohhh and sandler snl, great stuff!

  2. Little Nicky. Horribly, horribly awesome.