Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Power of Genetics: That Look

From the first moment that I became a parent my perspective on the power of genetics was changed. Seeing Lucy for the first time was a life changing experience for many reasons. One of powerful emotion that I recall feeling at that moment was just how much this new human looked like me.

We can all recognize a family that shares the same hair color, facial features, or eye color. Through observing the girls (and Libby and I as parents) I have come realize that eyes and hair are just the tip of the iceberg for genetic power.

From the way Lucy's pinkie toe curls the same way has her moms, to the way she loves starburst over snickers liker her mom, to sharing the ability to make the below look like her mom.

I look forward to exploring the power/oddities of genetics with the section of posts. Like Mother,
Like Daughter!

1 comment:

  1. I was probably at Lib's house when that picture was taken - I remember the pjs! :)
    I still see you in Lucy and Lib in Paige