Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Power Down

At 9AM this past Saturday morning our power went out. The loss of power was due to the heavy wet snow that had been falling since the night before. This heavy snow led to tree damage and down power lines our neighborhood and throughout the Southwest Metro.

In total we received about a foot of snow on Saturday. It was eerie and a bit scary to hear trees close by popping, cracking, and eventually falling down.

Power in our neighborhood was restored sometime Sunday night. Lib's Aunt and Uncle let us stay with them during the outage. They not only hosted our immediate family, but my dad and brother who were in town for believe it or not, a fall clean up weekend!?!?! Thank you, thank you LouAnn and John.

Our neighbors across the street maintained power throughout the storm. We were able to run enough extension cords from their house to save our freezer food. With no heat for 36 hours our house got as cold at 50 degrees without power.

I hope the powers that be within the National Blog Month hierarchy have some leniency on my four missed days. I plan to take National Blog Month to December 4th to complete my month of posts. I also plan to post some pictures of our tree damage soon.

Glad to be back in a lighted and heated house, as well as posting and reading blogs again!

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